Installation, TOS, and Requirements

A Blast from the past!


-You are not allowed to remove the "Powered By Blast" branding, any links to Blast, or any credits.

-You are not allowed to remove copyright by beach hosting

-If you Edit code it will will void your support and or any warranties you have purchased.

-If you violate the above it will result in a dmca take down and will void your support and or any warranties you have purchased

-You cannot redistribute or sell this cad at any point (Beach hosting will keep accurate records on who this product is sold to)

-Beach hosting reserves the right to update the terms of service on this page at any time without prior notice


-Upload the blast.sql file to your database. (We recommend using a seperate user besides Root for security reasons)

-Move the contents from the Upload folder, into your website directory.

-Navigate to includes/connect.php, and open it with a text-editor.

-Change the database information to yours.

-Go to

-Create an account

-In your database under users, Find the newly created account and set the usergroup to Management

-Done! You now have full access over your CAD/MDT system.


-Linux or Windows

-PHP Version Minimum: 5.6, Recommended: 7.0 (Or Greater)


-PDO Must be enabled. (Some hosts require you to request this)

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